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2010 Volume 46 Issue 5

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Visually imperceptible image hiding scheme based on vector quantization
Shih-Chieh Shie | Shinfeng D. Lin | Ji-Han Jiang

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New methods for compression of MP double array by compact management of suffixes
Tshering C. Dorji | El-Sayed Atlam | Susumu Yata | Mahmoud Rokaya | Masao Fuketa | Kazuhiro Morita | Jun-ichi Aoe

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Managing structured queries in probabilistic XML retrieval systems
Luis M. de Campos | Juan M. Fernández-Luna | Juan F. Huete | Carlos J. Martín-Dancausa

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Epistemic modality: From uncertainty to certainty in the context of information seeking as interactions with texts
Victoria L. Rubin

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Combining evidence with a probabilistic framework for answer ranking and answer merging in question answering
Jeongwoo Ko | Luo Si | Eric Nyberg

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Ten good reasons to use the Eigenfactor^ metrics
Massimo Franceschet

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Orthogonal nonnegative matrix tri-factorization for co-clustering: Multiplicative updates on Stiefel manifolds
Jiho Yoo | Seungjin Choi

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Fuzzy swarm diversity hybrid model for text summarization
Mohammed Salem Binwahlan | Naomie Salim | Ladda Suanmali

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A knowledge-rich approach to identifying semantic relations between nominals
Roxana Girju | Brandon Beamer | Alla Rozovskaya | Andrew Fister | Suma Bhat

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An application of document filtering in an operational system
Paul E. Lehner | Charles Worrell | Chrissy Vu | Janet S. Mittel | Stephen Snyder | Eric M. Schulte | Warren Greiff