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2010 Volume 46 Issue 6

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Introduction to the special issue
Gene Golovchinsky | Meredith Ringel Morris | Jeremy Pickens

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Social and interactional practices for disseminating current awareness information in an organisational setting
Simon Attfield | Ann Blandford | Stephann Makri

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Breakdowns in collaborative information seeking: A study of the medication process
Morten Hertzum

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An elaborated model of social search
Brynn M. Evans | Ed H. Chi

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Do your friends make you smarter?: An analysis of social strategies in online information seeking
Brynn M. Evans | Sanjay Kairam | Peter Pirolli

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Microcollaborations in a social Q&A community
Rich Gazan

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Search on surfaces: Exploring the potential of interactive tabletops for collaborative search tasks
Meredith Ringel Morris | Danyel Fisher | Daniel Wigdor

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Evaluating collaborative information-seeking interfaces with a search-oriented inspection method and re-framed information seeking theory
Max L. Wilson | m. c. schraefel

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An asynchronous collaborative search system for online video search
Martin Halvey | David Vallet | David Hannah | Yue Feng | Joemon M. Jose

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CIRLab: A groupware framework for collaborative information retrieval research
Juan M. Fernández-Luna | Juan F. Huete | Ramiro Pérez-Vázquez | Julio C. Rodríguez Cano

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Division of labour and sharing of knowledge for synchronous collaborative information retrieval
Colum Foley | Alan F. Smeaton

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Role-based results redistribution for collaborative information retrieval
Chirag Shah | Jeremy Pickens | Gene Golovchinsky

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Social summarization in collaborative web search
Oisín Boydell | Barry Smyth