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2010 Volume 13 Issue 5

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Current research in focused retrieval and result aggregation
Andrew Trotman | Shlomo Geva | Jaap Kamps | Mounia Lalmas | Vanessa Murdock

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Focused retrieval and result aggregation with political data
Rianne Kaptein | Maarten Marx

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Focused and aggregated search: a perspective from natural language generation
Cécile Paris | Stephen Wan | Paul Thomas

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Expected reading effort in focused retrieval evaluation
Paavo Arvola | Jaana Kekäläinen | Marko Junkkari

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Statistical query expansion for sentence retrieval and its effects on weak and strong queries
David E. Losada

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FIDJI: using syntax for validating answers in multiple documents
Véronique Moriceau | Xavier Tannier

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Why finding entities in Wikipedia is difficult, sometimes
Gianluca Demartini | Claudiu S. Firan | Tereza Iofciu | Ralf Krestel | Wolfgang Nejdl

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Entity ranking in Wikipedia: utilising categories, links and topic difficulty prediction
Jovan Pehcevski | James A. Thom | Anne-Marie Vercoustre | Vladimir Naumovski