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2010 Volume 61 Issue 10

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ASIS&T Thesaurus descriptors chosen by JASIST submitting authors and peer reviewers
Debora Shaw | Sean M. Lind

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Concepts and semantic relations in information science
Wolfgang G. Stock

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Awareness in collaborative information seeking
Chirag Shah | Gary Marchionini

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Evaluating an integrated system supporting multiple information-seeking strategies
Xiaojun Yuan | Nicholas J. Belkin

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Effects of contextual factors on image searching on the Web
Youngok Choi

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Scientific data repositories on the Web: An initial survey
Laura Haak Marcial | Bradley M. Hemminger

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Efficiency of scientific communication: A survey of world science
Aaron J. Lercher

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Reference standards and reference multipliers for the comparison of the citation impact of papers published in different time periods
Werner Marx | Lutz Bornmann | Manuel Cardona

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Accuracy and completeness of publication and citation records in the Web of Science, PsycINFO, and Google Scholar: A case study for the computation of h indices in Psychology
Miguel A. García-Pérez

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A comparison of citer and citation-based measure outcomes for multiple disciplines
Isola Ajiferuke | Kun Lu | Dietmar Wolfram

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Cross-cultural analysis of the Wikipedia community
Noriko Hara | Pnina Shachaf | Khe Foon Hew

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European political trends viewed through patterns of Web linking
Esteban Romero-Frías | Liwen Vaughan

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Can a lean medium enhance large-group communication? Examining the impact of interactive mobile learning
Helen S. Du | Jin-Xing Hao | Ron Chi-Wai Kwok | Christian Wagner

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The communication of meaning and the structuration of expectations: Giddens' "structuration theory" and Luhmann's "self-organization"
Loet Leydesdorff

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Good properties of similarity measures and their complementarity
Leo Egghe

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Information Foraging Theory: Adaptive Interaction with Information
Pamela Effrein Sandstrom

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Web-Based Learning Through Educational Informatics: Information Science Meets Educational Computing
Sherry Y. Chen