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2010 Volume 61 Issue 11

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Distribution of cognitive load in Web search
Jacek Gwizdka

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Transitions in search tactics during the Web-based search process
Iris Xie | Soohyung Joo

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Dimensions and elements of people's mental models of an information-rich Web space
Yan Zhang

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Information sources and perceived success in corporate finance
Isto Huvila

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A comparative study of Flickr tags and index terms in a general image collection
Abebe Rorissa

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Participatory design of a health informatics system for rural health practitioners and disadvantaged women
Mia Liza A. Lustria | Michelle M. Kazmer | Robert L. Glueckauf | Robert P. Hawkins | Ebrahim Randeree | Ivee B. Rosario | Casey McLaughlin | Sarah Redmond

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Selecting negative examples for hierarchical text classification: An experimental comparison
Tiziano Fagni | Fabrizio Sebastiani

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Retrieval effectiveness of machine translated queries
Ljiljana Dolamic | Jacques Savoy

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Scientific impact at the topic level: A case study in computational linguistics
Hao Wu | Jun He | Yijian Pei

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Fine-grained opinion mining by integrating multiple review sources
Qingliang Miao | Qiudan Li | Daniel Zeng

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Analyzing URL queries
Wei Meng Lee | Mark Sanderson

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Social network site changes over time: The case of MySpace
David Wilkinson | Mike Thelwall

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The absence of creativity in Feist and the computational process
Julian Warner

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Citation, obliteration, and plagiarism, as discussed in ancient Jewish sources
Bella Hass Weinberg

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Scopus's source normalized impact per paper (SNIP) versus a journal impact factor based on fractional counting of citations
Loet Leydesdorff | Tobias Opthof

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Information Retrieval: Searching in the 21st Century; Human Information Retrieval
Ray R. Larson

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Managing Knowledge Networks; Mastering Organizational Knowledge Flow: How to Make Knowledge Sharing Work
Claire R. McInerney

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The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
Scott Wright

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Wired for Innovation: How Information Technology is Reshaping the Economy
Steve Sawyer

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Big Macs and Eigenfactor scores: The correlation conundrum
Gangan Prathap