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2010 Volume 61 Issue 12

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Last but not least: Additional positional effects on citation and readership in arXiv
Asif-ul Haque | Paul Ginsparg

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Co-citation analysis, bibliographic coupling, and direct citation: Which citation approach represents the research front most accurately?
Kevin W. Boyack | Richard Klavans

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A comparison of two techniques for bibliometric mapping: Multidimensional scaling and VOS
Nees Jan van Eck | Ludo Waltman | Rommert Dekker | Jan van den Berg

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Power law distributions in information science: Making the case for logarithmic binning
Stasa Milojevic

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The effect of folder structure on personal file navigation
Ofer Bergman | Steve Whittaker | Mark Sanderson | Rafi Nachmias | Anand Ramamoorthy

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Requirements and use of in-service information in an engineering redesign task: Case studies from the aerospace industry
Santosh Jagtap | Aylmer L. Johnson

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The effect of spelling and retrieval system familiarity on search behavior in online public access catalogs: A mixed methods study
Rebekah Willson | Lisa M. Given

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Member activities and quality of tags in a collection of historical photographs in Flickr
Besiki Stvilia | Corinne Jörgensen

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Influences of users' familiarity with visual search topics on interactive video digital libraries
Dan E. Albertson

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Using structural information to improve search in Web collections
Edleno Silva de Moura | David Fernandes de Oliveira | Berthier A. Ribeiro-Neto | Altigran Soares da Silva | Marcos André Gonçalves

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A new context-dependent term weight computed by boost and discount using relevance information
Edward K. F. Dang | Robert W. P. Luk | James Allan | Kei Shiu Ho | Stephen C. F. Chan | Korris Fu-Lai Chung | Dik Lun Lee

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Adapting semantic natural language processing technology to address information overload in influenza epidemic management
Alla Keselman | Graciela Rosemblat | Halil Kilicoglu | Marcelo Fiszman | Honglan Jin | Dongwook Shin | Thomas C. Rindflesch

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Sentiment in short strength detection informal text
Mike Thelwall | Kevan Buckley | Georgios Paltoglou | Di Cai | Arvid Kappas

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Agency satisfaction with electronic record management systems: A large-scale survey
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu | Fang-Ming Hsu | Han-fen Hu | Hsinchun Chen

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Self-citations that contribute to the journal impact factor: An investment-benefit-yield analysis
Juan Miguel Campanario

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A new short proof of Naranan's theorem, explaining Lotka's law and Zipf's law
Leo Egghe

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Not Exactly: In Praise of Vagueness
Julian Warner

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Google and the Digital Divide: The Bias of Online Knowledge
Lynette Kvasny

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Social Information Retrieval Systems: Emerging Technologies and Applications for Searching the Web Effectively
Gobinda Chowdhury

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The Case for Books: Past, Present, and Future; Reading and Writing the Electronic Book. Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services
Randolph G. Bias

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Response to "Big Macs and Eigenfactor scores: The correlation conundrum"
Jevin D. West | Theodore C. Bergstrom | Carl T. Bergstrom

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Let's correct that small mistake
Endel Põder