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2010 Volume 61 Issue 5

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A review of factors influencing user satisfaction in information retrieval
Azzah Al-Maskari | Mark Sanderson

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National study of information seeking behavior of academic researchers in the United States
Xi Niu | Bradley M. Hemminger | Cory Lown | Stephanie J. Adams | Cecelia M. Brown | Allison Level | Merinda McLure | Audrey Powers | Michele R. Tennant | Tara Tobin Cataldo

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Text-based video content classification for online video-sharing sites
Chunneng Huang | Tianjun Fu | Hsinchun Chen

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A flexible content-based image retrieval model and a customizable system for the retrieval of shapes
Gloria Bordogna | Marco Pagani

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Toward a conceptual framework of key-frame extraction and storyboard display for video summarization
Hyun Hee Kim | Yong Ho Kim

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The effects of background information and social interaction on image tagging
Judit Bar-Ilan | Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet | Yitzchak Miller | Snunith Shoham

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With a little help from my friends: Self-interested and prosocial behavior on MySpace Music
Judd Antin | Matthew Earp

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Locality and attachedness-based temporal social network growth dynamics analysis: A case study of evolving nanotechnology scientific collaboration networks
Haizheng Zhang | Baojun Qiu | Kristinka Ivanova | C. Lee Giles | Henry C. Foley | John Yen

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The adoption of university library Web site resources: A multigroup analysis
Yong-Mi Kim

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Contextual factors for finding similar experts
Katja Hofmann | Krisztian Balog | Toine Bogers | Maarten de Rijke

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A comparison study of some Arabic root finding algorithms
Emad Al-Shawakfa | Amer Al-Badarneh | Safwan Shatnawi | Khaleel Al-Rabab'ah | Basel Bani-Ismail

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Analysis of user needs and information features in natural language queries seeking music information
Jin Ha Lee

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Detecting relationships among categories using text classification
Saket S. R. Mengle | Nazli Goharian

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Intertopic information mining for query-based summarization
Ouyang You | Wenjie Li | Sujian Li | Qin Lu

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Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (5th edition)
Polona Vilar

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Security of Information and Communication Networks
Jeffrey M. Stanton

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Managing Electronic Records, 4th Ed
Julie McLeod

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Comment on Hjørland's concept theory
Rick Szostak

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Answer to Professor Szostak (concept theory)
Birger Hjørland