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2010 Volume 61 Issue 7

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Linear time series models for term weighting in information retrieval
Miles Efron

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Retaining knowledge for document management: Category-tree integration by exploiting category relationships and hierarchical structures
Christopher C. Yang | Jianfeng Lin | Chih-Ping Wei

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The self-regulation of curiosity and interest during the information search process of adolescent students
Leanne Bowler

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Utilizing quantitative users' reactions to represent affective meanings of an image
JungWon Yoon

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A comparative study on communication structures of Chinese journals in the social sciences
Ping Zhou | Xinning Su | Loet Leydesdorff

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Statistical validation of a global model for the distribution of the ultimate number of citations accrued by papers published in a scientific journal
Michael J. Stringer | Marta Sales-Pardo | Luís A. Nunes Amaral

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The structure and dynamics of cocitation clusters: A multiple-perspective cocitation analysis
Chaomei Chen | Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan | Jianhua Hou

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Modes of collaboration in modern science: Beyond power laws and preferential attachment
Stasa Milojevic

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Measuring impact of twelve information scientists using the DCI index
Per Ahlgren | Kalervo Järvelin

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Mean citation rate per article in mathematics journals: Differences from the scientific model
Stephen J. Bensman | Lawrence J. Smolinsky | Alexander I. Pudovkin

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Policy-relevant Webometrics for individual scientific fields
Mike Thelwall | Antje Klitkou | Arnold Verbeek | David Stuart | Celine Vincent

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The relation between Eigenfactor, audience factor, and influence weight
Ludo Waltman | Nees Jan van Eck

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Behaviors, adverse events, and dispositions: An empirical study of online discretion and information control
Coye Cheshire | Judd Antin | Elizabeth F. Churchill

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On the relation between the association strength and other similarity measures
Leo Egghe

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Information Science in Transition
Michael K. Buckland

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Literature-based Discovery
Patrick Ruch

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Investigating Science Communication in the Information Age. ; Practising Science Communication in the Information Age
Maarten C. A. van der Sanden

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Internet Governance: Infrastructure and Institutions
Milton Mueller

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Electronic Records in the Manuscript Repository
Elizabeth Shepherd

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New insights into the relationship between the h-index and self-citations?
Leif Engqvist | Joachim G. Frommen