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2010 Volume 28 Issue 4

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Clustering-based incremental web crawling
Qingzhao Tan | Prasenjit Mitra

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PageRank without hyperlinks: Structural reranking using links induced by language models
Oren Kurland | Lillian Lee

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An information-theoretic framework for semantic-multimedia retrieval
João Magalhães | Stefan M. Rüger

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A similarity measure for indefinite rankings
William Webber | Alistair Moffat | Justin Zobel

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The task-dependent effect of tags and ratings on social media access
Maarten Clements | Arjen P. de Vries | Marcel J. T. Reinders

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Mining near-duplicate graph for cluster-based reranking of web video search results
Zi Huang | Bo Hu | Hong Cheng | Heng Tao Shen | Hongyan Liu | Xiaofang Zhou