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2010 Volume 29 Issue 1

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Efficient set intersection for inverted indexing
J. Shane Culpepper | Alistair Moffat

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Engineering basic algorithms of an in-memory text search engine
Frederik Transier | Peter Sanders

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Utilizing inter-passage and inter-document similarities for reranking search results
Eyal Krikon | Oren Kurland | Michael Bendersky

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Improving graph-walk-based similarity with reranking: Case studies for personal information management
Einat Minkov | William W. Cohen

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Dependable filtering: Philosophy and realizations
Matteo Dell'Amico | Licia Capra

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Extraction, characterization and utility of prototypical communication groups in the blogosphere
Munmun De Choudhury | Hari Sundaram | Ajita John | Dorée Duncan Seligmann