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Proceedings of the 2nd Italian Information Retrieval (IIR) Workshop, Milan, Italy, January 27-28, 2011

Massimo Melucci, Stefano Mizzaro, Gabriella Pasi (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 2nd Italian Information Retrieval (IIR) Workshop, Milan, Italy, January 27-28, 2011

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A Flexible XML Query Language for NON Dummies
Stefania Marrara | Emanuele Panzeri | Gabriella Pasi

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A Methodology for Analyzing Web Search Results
Gloria Bordogna | Giuseppe Psaila

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A Query Algebra for Quantum Information Retrieval
Annalina Caputo | Benjamin Piwowarski | Mounia Lalmas

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Blog Distillation via Sentiment-Sensitive Link Analysis
Giacomo Berardi | Andrea Esuli | Fabrizio Sebastiani | Fabrizio Silvestri

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Definition of User Profiles Based on the YAGO Ontology
Silvia Calegari | Gabriella Pasi

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Enriched Page Rank for Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation
Diego De Cao | Roberto Basili | Matteo Luciani | Francesco Mesiano | Riccardo Rossi

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Experimenting Text Summarization Techniques for Contextual Advertising
Giuliano Armano | Alessandro Giuliani | Eloisa Vargiu

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Explicit Semantic Analysis for Enriching Content-Based User Profiles
Fedelucio Narducci | Giovanni Semeraro | Pasquale Lops | Marco de Gemmis

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First Steps Beyond the Bag-Of-Words Representation of Short Texts
Paolo Ferragina | Ugo Scaiella

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From Terms to Concepts: A Revisited Approach to Local Context Analysis
Annalina Caputo | Pierpaolo Basile | Giovanni Semeraro

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HNews: An Enhanced Multilingual Hyperlinking News Platform
Diego De Cao | Daniele Previtali | Roberto Basili

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Heterogeneous Data Co-Clustering by Pseudo-Semantic Affinity Functions
Alberto Messina | Maurizio Montagnuolo

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IR Models Based on Network Science: A Research Agenda
Giulio Leso | Stefano Mizzaro

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Investigating Subspace Distances in Semantic Spaces
Guido Zuccon | Leif Azzopardi | Enrico Gasco

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Modeling Emergent Associations of Nominal Compound: Ongoing Research and Preliminary Results
Massimo Melucci | Laurianne Sitbon

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On the Probabilistic Logical Modelling of Quantum and Geometrically-Inspired IR
Fabrizio Smeraldi | Miguel Martinez-Alvarez | Ingo Frommholz | Thomas Roelleke

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Quantum Contextual Information Access and Retrieval
Emanuele Di Buccio | Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio | Massimo Melucci | Nicola Orio

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Random Indexing for Content-Based Recommender Systems
Cataldo Musto | Pasquale Lops | Marco de Gemmis | Giovanni Semeraro

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Retrieve Volunteered Geographic Information for Forest Fire
Laura Spinsanti | Frank O. Ostermann

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Semantic Re-ranking in Ad-hoc Robust Retrieval
Pierpaolo Basile | Annalina Caputo | Giovanni Semeraro

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Using Micro-Documents for Feature Selection: The Case of Ordinal Text Classification
Stefano Baccianella | Andrea Esuli | Fabrizio Sebastiani

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Web Information Retrieval for Complex Not-Informational Intents: An Introduction to User Intent Analysis
Debora Donato