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2011 Volume 47 Issue 1

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Enhancing query translation with relevance feedback in translingual information retrieval
Daqing He | Dan Wu

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Modeling information sources as integrals for effective and efficient source selection
Georgios Paltoglou | Michail Salampasis | Maria Satratzemi

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Select-the-Best-Ones: A new way to judge relative relevance
Ruihua Song | Qingwei Guo | Ruochi Zhang | Guomao Xin | Ji-Rong Wen | Yong Yu | Hsiao-Wuen Hon

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Mining and modeling linkage information from citation context for improving biomedical literature retrieval
Xiaoshi Yin | Jimmy Xiangji Huang | Zhoujun Li

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Medical query generation by term-category correlation
Rey-Long Liu | Yi-Chih Huang

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Popular and/or prestigious? Measures of scholarly esteem
Ying Ding | Blaise Cronin

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Measuring the interestingness of articles in a limited user environment
Raymond K. Pon | Alfonso F. Cardenas | David Buttler | Terence Critchlow

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The skewness of computer science
Massimo Franceschet

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Discovering author impact: A PageRank perspective
Erjia Yan | Ying Ding

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Patterns of bibliographic references in the ACM published papers
Jacques Wainer | Henrique Przibisczki de Oliveira | Ricardo Anido

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Charles Wankel and Jan Kingsley, Editors, Higher education in Virtual Worlds: Teaching and Learning in Second Life, Emerald Grp Publ., England, UK (2009) ISBN-10: 8251923530; ISBN-13: 978-8251923538
Randy Hinrichs | Valerie Hill | Daniel Patterson