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2011 Volume 47 Issue 2

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Automatic categorization of questions for user-interactive question answering
Wanpeng Song | Liu Wenyin | Naijie Gu | Xiaojun Quan | Tianyong Hao

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Uncertainty in information seeking and retrieval: A study in an academic environment
Sudatta Chowdhury | Forbes Gibb | Monica Landoni

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Brain CT image database building for computer-aided diagnosis using content-based image retrieval
Kehong Yuan | Zhen Tian | Jiying Zou | Yanling Bai | Qingshan You

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Intelligent agent systems for executive information scanning, filtering and interpretation: Perceptions and challenges
Mark Xu | Vincent Koon Ong | Yanqing Duan | Brian Mathews

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Exploiting probabilistic topic models to improve text categorization under class imbalance
Enhong Chen | Yanggang Lin | Hui Xiong | Qiming Luo | Haiping Ma

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Study of context influence on classifiers trained under different video-document representations
Pablo Bermejo | Hideo Joho | Joemon M. Jose | Robert Villa

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Applying regression models to query-focused multi-document summarization
Ouyang You | Wenjie Li | Sujian Li | Qin Lu

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Relations between the shape of a size-frequency distribution and the shape of a rank-frequency distribution
Leo Egghe | Ludo Waltman

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Detecting spam blogs from blog search results
Linhong Zhu | Aixin Sun | Byron Choi

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Managing misspelled queries in IR applications
Jesús Vilares | Manuel Vilares Ferro | Juan Otero

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Using a new relational concept to improve the clustering performance of search engines
Lin-Chih Chen

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A combined bibliometric indicator to predict article impact
Jonathan M. Levitt | Mike Thelwall