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2011 Volume 47 Issue 3

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An IPC-based vector space model for patent retrieval
Yen-Liang Chen | Yu-Ting Chiu

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A method of extracting malicious expressions in bulletin board systems by using context analysis
Hiroshi Hanafusa | Kazuhiro Morita | Masao Fuketa | Jun-ichi Aoe

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This is what I'm doing and why: Methodological reflections on a naturalistic think-aloud study of interactive information behaviour
Stephann Makri | Ann Blandford | Anna Louise Cox

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Tree kernel-based semantic role labeling with enriched parse tree structure
Guodong Zhou | Junhui Li | Jianxi Fan | Qiaoming Zhu

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CNI: Compelled Nonuse of Information
Ron Houston

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The influence of the document ranking in expert search
Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis

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A relational vector space model using an advanced weighting scheme for image retrieval
Jean Martinet | Yves Chiaramella | Philippe Mulhem

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Semi-supervised ranking aggregation
Shouchun Chen | Fei Wang | Yangqiu Song | Changshui Zhang

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A music information system automatically generated via Web content mining techniques
Markus Schedl | Gerhard Widmer | Peter Knees | Tim Pohle

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Development of a method for automatic basso continuo playing
Masahiro Niitsuma | Masaki Matsubara | Masaki Oono | Hiroaki Saito

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Construction of a large-scale test set for author disambiguation
In-Su Kang | Pyung Kim | Seungwoo Lee | Hanmin Jung | Beom-Jong You