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2011 Volume 47 Issue 4

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Mimicking Web search engines for expert search
Rodrygo L. T. Santos | Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis

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Interpreting the web-mining results by cognitive map and association rule approach
Kun Chang Lee | Sangjae Lee

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Real time search on the web: Queries, topics, and economic value
Bernard J. Jansen | Zhe Liu | Courtney Weaver | Gerry Campbell | Matthew Gregg

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Applicability assessment of Semantic Web technologies
Valentina Janev | Sanja Vranes

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Automatic word spacing of erroneous sentences in mobile devices with limited hardware resources
Yeongkil Song | Harksoo Kim

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Text segmentation: A topic modeling perspective
Hemant Misra | François Yvon | Olivier Cappé | Joemon M. Jose

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Improving semistatic compression via phrase-based modeling
Nieves R. Brisaboa | Antonio Fariña | Gonzalo Navarro | José R. Paramá

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Context constraint disambiguation of word semantics by field association schemes
Li Wang | Masao Fuketa | Kazuhiro Morita | Jun-ichi Aoe

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Theories, methods and current research on emotions in library and information science, information retrieval and human-computer interaction
Irene Lopatovska | Ioannis Arapakis

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A local tree alignment approach to relation extraction of multiple arguments
Seokhwan Kim | Minwoo Jeong | Gary Geunbae Lee

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Self-training from labeled features for sentiment analysis
Yulan He | Deyu Zhou

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Combining integrated sampling with SVM ensembles for learning from imbalanced datasets
Yang Liu | Xiaohui Yu | Jimmy Xiangji Huang | Aijun An