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2011 Volume 47 Issue 5

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Managing and mining multilingual documents: Introduction to the special topic issue of information processing management
Christopher C. Yang | Chih-Ping Wei | Lee-Feng Chien

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Learning a merge model for multilingual information retrieval
Ming-Feng Tsai | Hsin-Hsi Chen | Yu-Ting Wang

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Multilingual document mining and navigation using self-organizing maps
Hsin-Chang Yang | Han-Wei Hsiao | Chung-Hong Lee

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Multilingual sentence categorization and novelty mining
Yi Zhang | Flora S. Tsai | Agus Trisnajaya Kwee

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A query expansion framework in image retrieval domain based on local and global analysis
Md. Mahmudur Rahman | Sameer K. Antani | George R. Thoma

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Lexical and Syntactic knowledge for Information Retrieval
Antonio Ferrández

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An unsupervised heuristic-based approach for bibliographic metadata deduplication
Eduardo N. Borges | Moisés G. de Carvalho | Renata de Matos Galante | Marcos André Gonçalves | Alberto H. F. Laender

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The effect of user characteristics on search effectiveness in information retrieval
Azzah Al-Maskari | Mark Sanderson

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Selecting optimal training data for learning to rank
Xiubo Geng | Tao Qin | Tie-Yan Liu | Xueqi Cheng | Hang Li

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Interpolative coding of integer sequences supporting log-time random access
Jukka Teuhola

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Contextualization models for XML retrieval
Paavo Arvola | Jaana Kekäläinen | Marko Junkkari

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On improving Tunstall codes
Shmuel T. Klein | Dana Shapira

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Cross-lingual text categorization: Conquering language boundaries in globalized environments
Chih-Ping Wei | Yen-Ting Lin | Christopher C. Yang