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2011 Volume 47 Issue 6

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Introduction to the special issue on question answering
Marie-Francine Moens | Patrick Saint-Dizier

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Compositional question answering: A divide and conquer approach
Hyo-Jung Oh | Ki-Youn Sung | Myung-Gil Jang | Sung-Hyon Myaeng

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Linguistic kernels for answer re-ranking in question answering systems
Alessandro Moschitti | Silvia Quarteroni

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Improving graph-based random walks for complex question answering using syntactic, shallow semantic and extended string subsequence kernels
Yllias Chali | Sadid A. Hasan | Shafiq R. Joty

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Learning to select the correct answer in multi-stream question answering
Alberto Téllez-Valero | Manuel Montes-y-Gómez | Luis Villaseñor Pineda | Anselmo Peñas Padilla

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Combining semantic information in question answering systems
Paloma Moreda | Hector Llorens | Estela Saquete | Manuel Palomar

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A structural support vector method for extracting contexts and answers of questions from online forums
Yunbo Cao | Wen-Yun Yang | Chin-Yew Lin | Yong Yu

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Knowledge and reasoning for question answering: Research perspectives
Patrick Saint-Dizier | Marie-Francine Moens