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2011 Volume 14 Issue 1

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Introduction to special issue on the second international conference on the theory of information retrieval
Leif Azzopardi | Dawei Song | Gabriella Kazai | Stephen Robertson | Stefan M. Rüger | Milad Shokouhi | Emine Yilmaz

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Retrieval constraints and word frequency distributions a log-logistic model for IR
Stéphane Clinchant | Éric Gaussier

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Modeling score distributions in information retrieval
Avi Arampatzis | Stephen Robertson

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Variational bayes for modeling score distributions
Keshi Dai | Evangelos Kanoulas | Virgiliu Pavlu | Javed A. Aslam

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Specificity aboutness in XML retrieval
Tobias Blanke | Mounia Lalmas

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An analysis of NP-completeness in novelty and diversity ranking
Ben Carterette