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2011 Volume 14 Issue 2

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Learning to rank for why-question answering
Suzan Verberne | Hans van Halteren | Daphne Theijssen | Stephan Raaijmakers | Lou Boves

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Time-weighted web authoritative ranking
Bundit Manaskasemsak | Arnon Rungsawang | Hayato Yamana

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Discriminative probabilistic models for expert search in heterogeneous information sources
Yi Fang | Luo Si | Aditya P. Mathur

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Investigating task performance of probabilistic topic models: an empirical study of PLSA and LDA
Yue Lu | Qiaozhu Mei | ChengXiang Zhai

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Diane Kelly: Methods for evaluating interactive information retrieval systems with users - Foundation and Trends in Information Retrieval, vol 3, nos 1-2, pp 1-224, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-60198-224-7
Hideo Joho

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Michael W. Berry and Jacob Kogan (eds.): Text mining: applications and theory - John Wiley and Sons, Ltd, 2010, xiv + 207 pp, £55.00/66.00, hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-470-74982-1
Xiaojun Zhang