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2011 Volume 62 Issue 2

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How fractional counting of citations affects the impact factor: Normalization in terms of differences in citation potentials among fields of science
Loet Leydesdorff | Lutz Bornmann

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Large increases and decreases in journal impact factors in only one year: The effect of journal self-citations
Juan Miguel Campanario

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Applying weighted PageRank to author citation networks
Ying Ding

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Hybrid-patent classification based on patent-network analysis
Duen-Ren Liu | Meng-Jung Shih

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A heuristic approach to author name disambiguation in bibliometrics databases for large-scale research assessments
Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo | Cristiano Giuffrida | Giovanni Abramo

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Composition of scientific teams and publication productivity at a national science lab
Besiki Stvilia | Charles C. Hinnant | Katy Schindler | Adam Worrall | Gary Burnett | Kathleen Burnett | Michelle M. Kazmer | Paul F. Marty

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Coverage and overlap of the new social sciences and humanities journal lists
Diana Hicks | Jian Wang

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Development and evaluation of a multifaceted magazine image categorization model
Stina Westman | Mari Laine-Hernandez | Pirkko Oittinen

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Modeling a domain ontology for cultural heritage resources: A user-centered approach
Maria Cristina Pattuelli

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Understanding how webcasts are used as sources of information
Christine Dufour | Joan C. Bartlett | Elaine G. Toms

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Repurposing digital objects: Case studies across the publishing industry
Gerald Benoît | Lisa K. Hussey

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Evaluation effort, reliability and reusability in XML retrieval
Sukomal Pal | Mandar Mitra | Jaap Kamps

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Computer-assisted assignment of educational standards using natural language processing
Holly Devaul | Anne R. Diekema | Jonathan L. Ostwald

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Sentiment in Twitter events
Mike Thelwall | Kevan Buckley | Georgios Paltoglou