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2011 Volume 62 Issue 4

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The scholarly impact of TRECVid (2003-2009)
Clare Thornley | Andrea C. Johnson | Alan F. Smeaton | Hyowon Lee

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Are female researchers less cited? A large-scale study of Norwegian scientists
Dag W. Aksnes | Kristoffer Rørstad | Fredrik Niclas Piro | Gunnar Sivertsen

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Determining the impact factors of secondary journals: A retrospective cohort study
Cynthia Lokker | R. Brian Haynes | K. Ann McKibbon | Nancy L. Wilczynski

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Quality-structure index: A new metric to measure scientific journal influence
Cheng Zhang | Xu Liu | Yunjie Calvin Xu | Youwei Wang

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Counting first, last, or all authors in citation analysis: A comprehensive comparison in the highly collaborative stem cell research field
Dangzhi Zhao | Andreas Strotmann

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A method for eliminating articles by homonymous authors from the large number of articles retrieved by author search
Natsuo Onodera | Mariko Iwasawa | Nobuyuki Midorikawa | Fuyuki Yoshikane | Kou Amano | Yutaka Ootani | Tadashi Kodama | Yasuhiko Kiyama | Hiroyuki Tsunoda | Shizuka Yamazaki

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Semantic search log analysis: A method and a study on professional image search
Vera Hollink | Theodora Tsikrika | Arjen P. de Vries

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Exploiting navigational queries for result presentation and caching in Web search engines
Rifat Ozcan | Ismail Sengör Altingövde | Özgür Ulusoy

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Disease named entity recognition using semisupervised learning and conditional random fields
Nichalin Suakkaphong | Zhu Zhang | Hsinchun Chen

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Acting or reacting? Preferential attachment in a people-tagging system
Daphne Ruth Raban | Inbal Ronen | Ido Guy

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Finding a good query-related topic for boosting pseudo-relevance feedback
Zheng Ye | Jimmy Xiangji Huang | Hongfei Lin

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Not just information: Who searches for what on the search engine Google?
Vivienne Waller

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Working with activity theory: Context, technology, and information behavior
David K. Allen | Stan Karanasios | Mira Slavova

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The TEDS framework for assessing information systems from a human actors' perspective: Extending and repurposing Taylor's Value-Added Model
Hans Jochen Scholl | Michael B. Eisenberg | Lee Dirks | Timothy S. Carlson

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The Tuning of Place: Sociable Spaces and Pervasive Digital Media
Catherine Guastavino