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2011 Volume 62 Issue 5

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Praise the bridge that carries you over: Testing the flattery citation hypothesis
Tove Faber Frandsen | Jeppe Nicolaisen

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Citation analysis on the micro level: The example of Walter Benjamin's Illuminations
Björn Hammarfelt

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Mining enriched contextual information of scientific collaboration: A meso perspective
Bing He | Ying Ding | Chaoqun Ni

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Local emergence and global diffusion of research technologies: An exploration of patterns of network formation
Loet Leydesdorff | Ismael Ràfols

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Opinionated document retrieval using subjective triggers
Kazuhiro Seki | Kuniaki Uehara

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Mapping the knowledge covered by library classification systems
Chaim Zins | Plácida L. V. A. C. Santos

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Hip and trendy: Characterizing emerging trends on Twitter
Mor Naaman | Hila Becker | Luis Gravano

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A generic Web-based entity resolution framework
Denilson Alves Pereira | Berthier A. Ribeiro-Neto | Nivio Ziviani | Alberto H. F. Laender | Marcos André Gonçalves

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Older adults, e-health literacy, and collaborative learning: An experimental study
Bo Xie

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Transformative use of information technology in American literary writing: A pilot survey of literary community members
Stephen Paling | Crystle Martin

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Informational cities: Analysis and construction of cities in the knowledge society
Wolfgang G. Stock

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Bibliometric analysis of the use of the term preembryo in scientific literature
Luis Vivanco | Blanca Bartolomé | Montserrat San-Martín | Alfredo Martínez

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A thermodynamic explanation for the Glänzel-Schubert model for the h-index
Gangan Prathap