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2011 Volume 2 Issue 1

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Introduction to the special issue on intelligent systems for activity recognition
Daqing Zhang | Matthai Philipose | Qiang Yang

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Learning travel recommendations from user-generated GPS traces
Yu Zheng | Xing Xie

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Discovering routines from large-scale human locations using probabilistic topic models
Katayoun Farrahi | Daniel Gatica-Perez

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Probabilistic models for concurrent chatting activity recognition
Jane Yung-jen Hsu | Chia-chun Lian | Wan-rong Jih

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Recognizing pair-activities by causality analysis
Yue Zhou | Bingbing Ni | Shuicheng Yan | Thomas S. Huang

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Performance metrics for activity recognition
Jamie A. Ward | Paul Lukowicz | Hans-Werner Gellersen

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Inferring colocation and conversation networks from privacy-sensitive audio with implications for computational social science
Danny Wyatt | Tanzeem Choudhury | Jeff A. Bilmes | James A. Kitts

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FolderPredictor: Reducing the cost of reaching the right folder
Xinlong Bao | Thomas G. Dietterich