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2011 Volume 2 Issue 3

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Introduction to special issue on machine learning for business applications
Charles X. Ling

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Prediction in financial markets: The case for small disjuncts
Vasant Dhar

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A learning-based contrarian trading strategy via a dual-classifier model
Szu-Hao Huang | Shang-Hong Lai | Shih-Hsien Tai

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CORN: Correlation-driven nonparametric learning approach for portfolio selection
Bin Li | Steven C. H. Hoi | Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan

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Social Network Analysis and Mining for Business Applications
Francesco Bonchi | Carlos Castillo | Aristides Gionis | Alejandro Jaimes

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A helpfulness modeling framework for electronic word-of-mouth on consumer opinion platforms
Richong Zhang | Thomas T. Tran

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Multifocal learning for customer problem analysis
Yong Ge | Hui Xiong | Wenjun Zhou | Siming Li | Ramendra K. Sahoo

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Introduction to special issue on large-scale machine learning
Chun-Nan Hsu

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PLDA+: Parallel latent dirichlet allocation with data placement and pipeline processing
Zhiyuan Liu | Yuzhou Zhang | Edward Y. Chang | Maosong Sun

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LIBSVM: A library for support vector machines
Chih-Chung Chang | Chih-Jen Lin

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Batch and online learning algorithms for nonconvex neyman-pearson classification
Gilles Gasso | Aristidis Pappaioannou | Marina Spivak | Léon Bottou

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Learning to recommend with explicit and implicit social relations
Hao Ma | Irwin King | Michael R. Lyu

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Learning to detect malicious URLs
Justin Ma | Lawrence K. Saul | Stefan Savage | Geoffrey M. Voelker