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2011 Volume 2 Issue 4

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Introduction to special issue on computational sustainability
Carla P. Gomes | Qiang Yang

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Submodularity and its applications in optimized information gathering
Andreas Krause | Carlos Guestrin

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Sustainable biomass power plant location in the Italian Emilia-Romagna region
Massimiliano Cattafi | Marco Gavanelli | Michela Milano | Paolo Cagnoli

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Temporal data mining approaches for sustainable chiller management in data centers
Debprakash Patnaik | Manish Marwah | Ratnesh K. Sharma | Naren Ramakrishnan

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Agent-based homeostatic control for green energy in the smart grid
Sarvapali D. Ramchurn | Perukrishnen Vytelingum | Alex Rogers | Nicholas R. Jennings

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Monitoring global forest cover using data mining
Varun Mithal | Ashish Garg | Shyam Boriah | Michael S. Steinbach | Vipin Kumar | Christopher Potter | Steven A. Klooster | Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio

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MoveMine: Mining moving object data for discovery of animal movement patterns
Zhenhui Li | Jiawei Han | Ming Ji | Lu-An Tang | Yintao Yu | Bolin Ding | Jae-Gil Lee | Roland Kays

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Spatiotemporal correlations in criminal offense records
Jameson L. Toole | Nathan Eagle | Joshua B. Plotkin

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Subkilometer crater discovery with boosting and transfer learning
Wei Ding | Tomasz F. Stepinski | Yang Mu | Lourenço P. C. Bandeira | Ricardo Vilalta | Youxi Wu | Zhenyu Lu | Tianyu Cao | Xindong Wu

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PTIME: Personalized assistance for calendaring
Pauline M. Berry | Melinda T. Gervasio | Bart Peintner | Neil Yorke-Smith

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Planning solar array operations on the international space station
Sudhakar Y. Reddy | Jeremy Frank | Michael Iatauro | Matthew E. Boyce | Elif Kürklü | Mitchell Ai-Chang | Ari K. Jónsson

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RECYCLE: Learning looping workflows from annotated traces
Karen Zita Haigh | Fusun Yaman