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2011 Volume 29 Issue 2

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Diagnostic Evaluation of Information Retrieval Models
Hui Fang | Tao Tao | ChengXiang Zhai

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Concept-Based Information Retrieval Using Explicit Semantic Analysis
Ofer Egozi | Shaul Markovitch | Evgeniy Gabrilovich

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Improving Recommender Systems by Incorporating Social Contextual Information
Hao Ma | Tom Chao Zhou | Michael R. Lyu | Irwin King

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Contextual Video Recommendation by Multimodal Relevance and User Feedback
Tao Mei | Bo Yang | Xian-Sheng Hua | Shipeng Li

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Effects of Usage-Based Feedback on Video Retrieval: A Simulation-Based Study
David Vallet | Frank Hopfgartner | Joemon M. Jose | Pablo Castells

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Identifying, Indexing, and Ranking Chemical Formulae and Chemical Names in Digital Documents
Bingjun Sun | Prasenjit Mitra | C. Lee Giles | Karl T. Mueller