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2011 Volume 29 Issue 4

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Upper-bound approximations for dynamic pruning
Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis | Nicola Tonellotto

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Ranking function adaptation with boosting trees
Keke Chen | Jing Bai | Zhaohui Zheng

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GRAS: An effective and efficient stemming algorithm for information retrieval
Jiaul H. Paik | Mandar Mitra | Swapan K. Parui | Kalervo Järvelin

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Recommendation systems with complex constraints: A course recommendation perspective
Aditya G. Parameswaran | Petros Venetis | Hector Garcia-Molina

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Correlation-based retrieval for heavily changed near-duplicate videos
Jiajun Liu | Zi Huang | Heng Tao Shen | Bin Cui

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Query modeling for entity search based on terms, categories, and examples
Krisztian Balog | Marc Bron | Maarten de Rijke