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2011 Volume 5 Issue 4

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A Practical Architecture for an Anycast CDN
Hussein A. Alzoubi | Seungjoon Lee | Michael Rabinovich | Oliver Spatscheck | Jacobus E. van der Merwe

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Efficient Search Engine Measurements
Ziv Bar-Yossef | Maxim Gurevich

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Characterizing Organizational Use of Web-Based Services: Methodology, Challenges, Observations, and Insights
Phillipa Gill | Martin F. Arlitt | Niklas Carlsson | Anirban Mahanti | Carey Williamson

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Camera Brand Congruence and Camera Model Propagation in the Flickr Social Graph
Adish Singla | Ingmar Weber

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A Specialized Search Assistant for Learning Objects
Cecilia Curlango-Rosas | Gregorio A. Ponce | Gabriel López-Morteo