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WWW2011 Workshop on Linked Data on the Web, Hyderabad, India, March 29, 2011

Christian Bizer, Tom Heath, Tim Berners-Lee, Michael Hausenblas (Editors)

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WWW2011 Workshop on Linked Data on the Web, Hyderabad, India, March 29, 2011

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Temporal Information Retrieval: Challenges and Opportunities
Omar Alonso | Jannik Strötgen | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Michael Gertz

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What is the Temporal Value of Web Snippets?
Ricardo Campos | Gaël Dias | Alípio Mário Jorge

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Temporal Analysis for Web Spam Detection: An Overview
Miklós Erdélyi | András A. Benczúr

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Deriving Dynamics of Web Pages: A Survey
Marilena Oita | Pierre Senellart

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Characterizing Search Behavior in Web Archives
Miguel Costa | Mário J. Silva

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Changing Vision for Access to Web Archives
Zeynep Pehlivan | Anne Doucet | Stéphane Gançarski

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A Main Memory Index Structure to Query Linked Data
Olaf Hartig | Frank Huber

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A Privacy Preference Ontology (PPO) for Linked Data
Owen Sacco | Alexandre Passant

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Augmenting the Web of Data using Referers
Hannes Mühleisen | Anja Jentzsch

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Automatically Annotating Text with Linked Open Data
Delia Rusu | Blaz Fortuna | Dunja Mladenic

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How Caching Improves Efficiency and Result Completeness for Querying Linked Data
Olaf Hartig

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Identifying Relevant Sources for Data Linking using a Semantic Web Index
Andriy Nikolov | Mathieu d'Aquin

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LiDDM: A Data Mining System for Linked Data
Venkata Narasimha Pavan Kappara | Ryutaro Ichise | O. P. Vyas

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Open eBusiness Ontology Usage: Investigating Community Implementation of GoodRelations
Jamshaid Ashraf | Richard Cyganiak | Seán O'Riain | Maja Hadzic

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Publishing Provenance Information on the Web using the Memento Datetime Content Negotiation
Sam Coppens | Erik Mannens | Davy Van Deursen | Patrick Hochstenbach | Bart Janssens | Rik Van de Walle

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RESTful writable APIs for the web of Linked Data using relational storage solutions
Antonio Garrote Hernández | María N. Moreno García

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Re-using Cool URIs: Entity Reconciliation Against LOD Hubs
Fadi Maali | Richard Cyganiak | Vassilios Peristeras

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Talash: Friend Finding In Federated Social Networks
Ruturaj Dhekane | Brion Vibber