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2011 Volume 14 Issue 5-6

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Special issue on querying the data web - Novel techniques for querying structured data on the web
Paolo Ceravolo | Chengfei Liu | Mustafa Jarrar | Kai-Uwe Sattler

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Distributed processing of continuous sliding-window k-NN queries for data stream filtering
Kresimir Pripuzic | Ivana Podnar Zarko | Karl Aberer

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Comparing data summaries for processing live queries over Linked Data
Jürgen Umbrich | Katja Hose | Marcel Karnstedt | Andreas Harth | Axel Polleres

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A distributed full-text top-k document dissemination system in distributed hash tables
Weixiong Rao | Lei Chen

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Efficient top-K approximate searches against a relation with multiple attributes
Wei Lu | Jinchuan Chen | Xiaoyong Du | Jieping Wang | Wei Pan

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A scalable and extensible framework for query answering over RDF
Roberto De Virgilio | Pierluigi Del Nostro | Giorgio Gianforme | Stefano Paolozzi

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Indexing and querying segmented web pages: the BlockWeb Model
Emmanuel Bruno | Nicolas Faessel | Hervé Glotin | Jacques Le Maitre | Michel Scholl

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Semantic flooding - Semantic search across distributed lightweight ontologies
Fausto Giunchiglia | Uladzimir Kharkevich | Alethia Hume

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Processing keyword search on XML: a survey
Ziyang Liu | Yi Chen