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The Seventeenth Australasian Document Computing Symposium, ADCS '12, Dunedin, New Zealand, December 5-6, 2012

Andrew Trotman, Sally Jo Cunningham, Laurianne Sitbon (Editors)

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The Seventeenth Australasian Document Computing Symposium, ADCS '12, Dunedin, New Zealand, December 5-6, 2012

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Effects of spam removal on search engine efficiency and effectiveness
Matt Crane | Andrew Trotman

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Efficient indexing algorithms for approximate pattern matching in text
Matthias Petri | J. Shane Culpepper

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Reordering an index to speed query processing without loss of effectiveness
David Hawking | Timothy Jones

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Comparing scanning behaviour in web search on small and large screens
Jaewon Kim | Paul Thomas | Ramesh S. Sankaranarayana | Tom Gedeon

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Explaining difficulty navigating a website using page view data
Paul Thomas

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Relationship between the nature of the search task types and query reformulation behaviour
Khamsum Kinley | Dian Tjondronegoro | Helen Partridge | Sylvia L. Edwards

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Models and metrics: IR evaluation as a user process
Alistair Moffat | Falk Scholer | Paul Thomas

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Sentence length bias in TREC novelty track judgements
Lorena Leal Bando | Falk Scholer | Andrew Turpin

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Multi-aspect group formation using facility location analysis
Mahmood Neshati | Hamid Beigy | Djoerd Hiemstra

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An ontology derived from heterogeneous sustainability indicator set documents
Lida Ghahremanloo | James A. Thom | Liam Magee

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Graph-based concept weighting for medical information retrieval
Bevan Koopman | Guido Zuccon | Peter Bruza | Laurianne Sitbon | Michael Lawley

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A study in language identification
Rachel Mary Milne | Richard A. O'Keefe | Andrew Trotman

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An attempt to measure the quality of questions in question time of the Australian Federal Parliament
Andrew Turpin

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An English-translated parallel corpus for the CJK Wikipedia collections
Ling-Xiang Tang | Shlomo Geva | Andrew Trotman

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Exploiting medical hierarchies for concept-based information retrieval
Guido Zuccon | Bevan Koopman | Anthony N. Nguyen | Deanne Vickers | Luke Butt

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Finding additional semantic entity information for search engines
Jun Hou | Richi Nayak | Jinglan Zhang

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Is the unigram relevance model term independent?: classifying term dependencies in query expansion
Mike Symonds | Peter Bruza | Guido Zuccon | Laurianne Sitbon | Ian W. Turner

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Pairwise similarity of TopSig document signatures
Christopher M. De Vries | Shlomo Geva

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Putting the public into public health information dissemination: social media and health-related web pages
Robert Steele | Dan Dumbrell