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2012 Volume 48 Issue 1

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Exploiting indoor location and mobile information for context-awareness service
Hyun-Yong Noh | Jin-Hyung Lee | Sae-Won Oh | Keum-Sung Hwang | Sung-Bae Cho

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Mobile content contribution and retrieval: An exploratory study using the uses and gratifications paradigm
Alton Yeow-Kuan Chua | Dion Hoe-Lian Goh | Chei Sian Lee

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Mobile personal information management agent: Supporting natural language interface and application integration
Lina Zhou | Ammar S. Mohammed | Dongsong Zhang

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A study of awareness in multimedia search
Robert Villa | Joemon M. Jose

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Incorporating business logics into RFID-enabled applications
Xiaohui Zhao | Chengfei Liu | Tao Lin

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Acquiring knowledge about human goals from Search Query Logs
Markus Strohmaier | Mark Kröll

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Effects of answer weight boosting in strategy-driven question answering
Hyo-Jung Oh | Sung-Hyon Myaeng | Myung-Gil Jang

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Quantifying the impact of concept recognition on biomedical information retrieval
Sarvnaz Karimi | Justin Zobel | Falk Scholer

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The impact of task complexity on people's mental models of MedlinePlus
Yan Zhang

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Visualizing and mapping the intellectual structure of information retrieval
Abebe Rorissa | Xiaojun Yuan

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User relevance criteria choices and the information search process
Arthur R. Taylor

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Learning regional transliteration variants
Jin-Shea Kuo | Haizhou Li

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Patent collaboration and international knowledge flow
Jiancheng Guan | Zifeng Chen