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2012 Volume 48 Issue 2

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Updating broken web links: An automatic recommendation system
Juan Martínez-Romo | Lourdes Araujo

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A collaborative filtering similarity measure based on singularities
Jesús Bobadilla | Fernando Ortega | Antonio Hernando

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User interest modeling and its application for question recommendation in user-interactive question answering systems
Xingliang Ni | Yao Lu | Xiaojun Quan | Liu Wenyin | Bei Hua

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Using the h-index to measure the quality of journals in the field of business and management
John Mingers | Frederico Macri | Dan Petrovici

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Bibliometric analysis of CiteSeer data for countries
Dalibor Fiala

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Factors affecting the selection of search tactics: Tasks, knowledge, process, and systems
Iris Xie | Soohyung Joo

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PolarityRank: Finding an equilibrium between followers and contraries in a network
Fermín L. Cruz | Carlos G. Vallejo | Fernando Enríquez | José A. Troyano

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A Bayesian feature selection paradigm for text classification
Guozhong Feng | Jianhua Guo | Bing-Yi Jing | Lizhu Hao

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Indices of novelty for emerging topic detection
Yi-Ning Tu | Jia-Lang Seng

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Generating suggestions for queries in the long tail with an inverted index
Daniele Broccolo | Lorenzo Marcon | Franco Maria Nardini | Raffaele Perego | Fabrizio Silvestri

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Multidimensional relevance: Prioritized aggregation in a personalized Information Retrieval setting
Célia da Costa Pereira | Mauro Dragoni | Gabriella Pasi

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Evaluating subtopic retrieval methods: Clustering versus diversification of search results
Claudio Carpineto | Massimiliano D'Amico | Giovanni Romano

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A noise-tolerant graphical model for ranking
Xiubo Geng | Tao Qin | Tie-Yan Liu | Xueqi Cheng