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2012 Volume 48 Issue 3

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Soft approaches to information access on the Web: An introduction to the special issue
Enrique Herrera-Viedma | Guy De Tré | Slawomir Zadrozny | José Angel Olivas

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Bipolar queries in textual information retrieval: A new perspective
Slawomir Zadrozny | Janusz Kacprzyk | Guy De Tré

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Hierarchical web resources retrieval by exploiting Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis
Carmen De Maio | Giuseppe Fenza | Vincenzo Loia | Sabrina Senatore

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Disambiguated query suggestions and personalized content-similarity and novelty ranking of clustered results to optimize web searches
Gloria Bordogna | Alessandro Campi | Giuseppe Psaila | Stefania Ronchi

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Fuzzy ILP Classification of web reports after linguistic text mining
Jan Dedek | Peter Vojtás | Marta Vomlelová

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An approach to web-based Personal Health Records filtering using fuzzy prototypes and data quality criteria
Francisco P. Romero | Ismael Caballero | Jesús Serrano-Guerrero | José Angel Olivas

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Linguistic aggregation methods in blog retrieval
Mostafa Keikha | Fabio Crestani

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User k-anonymity for privacy preserving data mining of query logs
Guillermo Navarro-Arribas | Vicenç Torra | Arnau Erola | Jordi Castellà-Roca

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Near-duplicate video detection featuring coupled temporal and perceptual visual structures and logical inference based matching
Mohammed Belkhatir | Bashar Tahayna

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Flexible sample selection strategies for transfer learning in ranking
Kevin Duh | Akinori Fujino

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Weighted consensus multi-document summarization
Dingding Wang | Tao Li

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Enhancement of information seeking using an information needs radar model
Cho-Wei Shih | Ming-Yen Chen | Hui-Chuan Chu | Yuh-Min Chen

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An experimental study of constrained clustering effectiveness in presence of erroneous constraints
M. Eduardo Ares | Javier Parapar | Alvaro Barreiro

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Automatically structuring domain knowledge from text: An overview of current research
Malcolm Clark | Yunhyong Kim | Udo Kruschwitz | Dawei Song | M-Dyaa Albakour | Stephen Dignum | Ulises Cerviño Beresi | Maria Fasli | Anne N. De Roeck

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Index ordering by query-independent measures
Paul Ferguson | Alan F. Smeaton

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Bidirectional delta files
Dana Shapira | Michael Kats