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2012 Volume 48 Issue 4

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Investigating effectiveness and user acceptance of semantic social tagging for knowledge sharing
Shiu-Li Huang | Sheng-cheng Lin | Yung-Chun Chan

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Dimensions of quality and accessibility: Selection of human information sources from a social capital perspective
Lilian Woudstra | Bart van den Hooff | Alexander P. Schouten

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Matching meaning for cross-language information retrieval
Jianqiang Wang | Douglas W. Oard

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A domain-independent approach to finding related entities
Olga Vechtomova | Stephen E. Robertson

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Egocentric analysis of co-authorship network structure, position and performance
Alireza Abbasi | Kon Shing Kenneth Chung | Liaquat Hossain

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Cost-effective on-demand associative author name disambiguation
Adriano Veloso | Anderson A. Ferreira | Marcos André Gonçalves | Alberto H. F. Laender | Wagner Meira Jr.

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A comparative survey of Personalised Information Retrieval and Adaptive Hypermedia techniques
Ben Steichen | Helen Ashman | Vincent Wade

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Integer linear programming for Constrained Multi-Aspect Committee Review Assignment
Maryam Karimzadehgan | ChengXiang Zhai

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A new feature selection based on comprehensive measurement both in inter-category and intra-category for text categorization
Jieming Yang | Yuanning Liu | Xiaodong Zhu | Zhen Liu | Xiaoxu Zhang

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Resolving ambiguity in biomedical text to improve summarization
Laura Plaza | Mark Stevenson | Alberto Díaz

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Mutual-reinforcement document summarization using embedded graph based sentence clustering for storytelling
Zhengchen Zhang | Shuzhi Sam Ge | Hongsheng He

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The distribution of Web citations
Siluo Yang | Ruizhen Han | Jingda Ding | Yanfei Song

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Towards a representation of diffusion and interaction of scientific ideas: The case of fiber optics communication
Yuxian Liu | Ronald Rousseau