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2012 Volume 48 Issue 6

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A three-phase method for patent classification
Yen-Liang Chen | Yuan-Che Chang

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Managing the investment in information security technology by use of a quantitative modeling
Rok Bojanc | Borka Jerman-Blazic | Metka Tekavcic

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Using crowdsourcing for TREC relevance assessment
Omar Alonso | Stefano Mizzaro

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An agenda for green information retrieval research
Gobinda Chowdhury

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Estimating Business and Management journal quality from the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise in the UK
John Mingers | Kate Watson | Maria Paola Scaparra

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Enhancing children's activity in browsing/reading together by the installation of the BrowsReader in the children's room of a library
Jia Liu | Tetsuro Ito | Nana Toyokuni | Keizo Sato | Makoto Nakashima

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Characterizing the frequency of repeated citations: The effects of journal, subject area, and self-citation
W. B. Lievers | A. K. Pilkey

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A hybrid approach to managing job offers and candidates
Rémy Kessler | Nicolas Béchet | Mathieu Roche | Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno | Marc El-Bèze

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Amount of invested mental effort (AIME) in online searching
Soo Young Rieh | Yong-Mi Kim | Karen Markey

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How doctors search: A study of query behaviour and the impact on search results
Marianne Lykke | Susan Price | Lois M. L. Delcambre

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The tipping point: F-score as a function of the number of retrieved items
Raf Guns | Christina Lioma | Birger Larsen

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Efficient probabilistic XML query processing using an extended labeling scheme and a lightweight index
Jung-Hee Yun | Chin-Wan Chung

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Effective sentence retrieval based on query-independent evidence
Ronald T. Fernández | David E. Losada