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2012 Volume 63 Issue 1

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What kind of science can information science be?
Michael K. Buckland

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Intellectual diversity and the faculty composition of iSchools
Andrea Wiggins | Steven Sawyer

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A study of the evolution of interdisciplinarity in library and information science: Using three bibliometric methods
Yu-Wei Chang | Mu-Hsuan Huang

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Use of microblogging for collective sense-making during violent crises: A study of three campus shootings
Thomas Heverin | Lisl Zach

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Why different people prefer different systems for different tasks: An activity perspective on technology adoption in a dynamic user environment
Jun Sun

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Effects of academic experience and prestige on researchers' citing behavior
Tove Faber Frandsen | Jeppe Nicolaisen

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Universality of citation distributions revisited
Ludo Waltman | Nees Jan van Eck | Anthony F. J. van Raan

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Link prediction in citation networks
Naoki Shibata | Yuya Kajikawa | Ichiro Sakata

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Barriers to task-based information access in molecular medicine
Sanna Kumpulainen | Kalervo Järvelin

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Publication fees in open access publishing: Sources of funding and factors influencing choice of journal
David J. Solomon | Bo-Christer Björk

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Presenting numerical values within sentences and text tables
Marcin Kozak | James Hartley

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Influence of training and stage of search on gaze behavior in a library catalog faceted search interface
Bill Kules | Robert Capra

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The dynamic features of Delicious, Flickr, and YouTube
Nan Lin | Daifeng Li | Ying Ding | Bing He | Zheng Qin | Jie Tang | Juanzi Li | Tianxi Dong

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Sentiment strength detection for the social web
Mike Thelwall | Kevan Buckley | Georgios Paltoglou

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Study and correlation analysis of linguistic, perceptual, and automatic machine translation evaluations
Mireia Farrús | Marta R. Costa-jussà | Maja Popovic

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"Images of God and friends of God": The holy icon as document
John A. Walsh

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Prioritization of data quality dimensions and skills requirements in genome annotation work
Hong Huang | Besiki Stvilia | Corinne Jörgensen | Hank W. Bass

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Not all lies are spontaneous: An examination of deception across different modes of communication
Monica T. Whitty | Tom Buchanan | Adam N. Joinson | Alex Meredith