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2012 Volume 63 Issue 10

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The resilience of rejected manuscripts
Blaise Cronin

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Participatory personal data: An emerging research challenge for the information sciences
Katie Shilton

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Information sharing and trust during major incidents: Findings from the oil industry
Nurain Hassan Ibrahim | David K. Allen

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Moderating effects of governance on information infrastructure and e-government development
Satish Krishnan | Thompson S. H. Teo

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Governance of open content creation: A conceptualization and analysis of control and guiding mechanisms in the open content domain
Andreas Schroeder | Christian Wagner

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Web data as academic and business quality estimates: A comparison of three data sources
Liwen Vaughan | Rongbin Yang

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Measuring author research relatedness: A comparison of word-based, topic-based, and author cocitation approaches
Kun Lu | Dietmar Wolfram

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The impact of task phrasing on the choice of search keywords and on the search process and success
Elena Barsky | Judit Bar-Ilan

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A conversation analytic study of actual and potential problems in communication in library chat reference interactions
Irene Koshik | Hiromi Okazawa

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Social Q&A and virtual reference - comparing apples and oranges with the help of experts and users
Chirag Shah | Vanessa Kitzie

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The Anna Karenina principle: A way of thinking about success in science
Lutz Bornmann | Werner Marx

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A humble servant: The work of Helen L. Brownson and the early years of information science research
Tina J. Jayroe

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Inconsistencies of recently proposed citation impact indicators and how to avoid them
Michael Schreiber

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Distributive h-indices for measuring multilevel impact
Star X. Zhao | Alice M. Tan | Fred Y. Ye

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Entity disambiguation using semantic networks
Jorge H. Román | Kevin J. Hulin | Linn Marks Collins | James E. Powell

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Document recommendations based on knowledge flows: A hybrid of personalized and group-based approaches
Duen-Ren Liu | Chin-Hui Lai | Ya-Ting Chen

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Remarks on the paper by A. De Visscher, "what does the g-index really measure?"
Leo Egghe

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Interactive Information Seeking, Behaviour and Retrieval. Edited by Ian Ruthven and Diane Kelly. London: Facet publishing, 2011, 296 pp. $ 89.95 (paperback). (isbn: 978-1-85604-707-4)
Peter Ingwersen

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On a possible decomposition of the h-index
Francesco Bartolucci