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2012 Volume 63 Issue 11

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Assessing Obliteration by Incorporation: Issues and Caveats
Katherine W. McCain

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The weakening relationship between the impact factor and papers' citations in the digital age
George A. Lozano | Vincent Larivière | Yves Gingras

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Understanding public-access cyberlearning projects using text mining and topic analysis
David McArthur | Helen Crompton

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An ethical perspective on political-economic issues in the long-term preservation of digital heritage
Peter Johan Lor | Johannes J. Britz

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On the role of poetic versus nonpoetic features in "kindred" and diachronic poetry attribution
Brent D. Fegley | Vetle I. Torvik

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Citation patterns of the pre-web and web-prevalent environments: The moderating effects of domain knowledge
Ling-Ling Wu | Mu-Hsuan Huang | Ching-Yi Chen

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Multiplicative and fractional strategies when journals are assigned to several subfields
Neus Herranz | Javier Ruiz-Castillo

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Identifying interdisciplinarity through the disciplinary classification of coauthors of scientific publications
Giovanni Abramo | Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo | Flavia Di Costa

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International collaboration in Medical Research in Latin America and the Caribbean (2003-2007)
Zaida Chinchilla-Rodríguez | Maria Benavent-Pérez | Félix de Moya Anegón | Sandra Miguel

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Bibliometric perspectives on medical innovation using the medical subject Headings of PubMed
Loet Leydesdorff | Daniele Rotolo | Ismael Ràfols

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Sustainable information practice: An ethnographic investigation
Lisa P. Nathan

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Exploiting syntactic and semantic relationships between terms for opinion retrieval
Liqiang Guo | Xiaojun Wan

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Internet health search: When process complements goals
Traci Hong

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Using site-level connections to estimate link confidence
Jucimar Brito de Souza | André Luiz da Costa Carvalho | Marco Cristo | Edleno Silva de Moura | Pável Calado | Paul-Alexandru Chirita | Wolfgang Nejdl

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Contextual question answering for the health domain
Wilson Wong | John Thangarajah | Lin Padgham

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Mapping academic institutions according to their journal publication profile: Spanish universities as a case study
Jose A. García | Rosa Rodríguez-Sánchez | J. Fdez-Valdivia | Nicolás Robinson-García | Daniel Torres-Salinas

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It takes time: A remarkable example of delayed recognition
Ben Van Calster

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Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice by Janet H. Murray. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2012. 483 pp. $50 (ISBN 978-1-84638-077-8)
Heather O'Brien

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Accounting for the uncertainty in the evaluation of percentile ranks
Loet Leydesdorff