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2012 Volume 63 Issue 2

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Language matters
Blaise Cronin

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Literature-based discovery: Beyond the ABCs
Neil R. Smalheiser

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Role of domain knowledge in developing user-centered medical-image indexing
Xin Wang | Sanda Erdelez | Carla Allen | Blake Anderson | Hongfei Cao | Chi-Ren Shyu

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Visualization of global science and technology policy research structure
Hsin-Ning Su

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Artificial immune system for illicit content identification in social media
Ming Yang | Melody Y. Kiang | Hsinchun Chen | Yijun Li

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Automatic identification of personal insults on social news sites
Sara Owsley Sood | Elizabeth F. Churchill | Judd Antin

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Using structural information and citation evidence to detect significant plagiarism cases in scientific publications
Salha Alzahrani | Vasile Palade | Naomie Salim | Ajith Abraham

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Uses of explicit and implicit tags in social bookmarking
Enrique Estellés Arolas | Fernando González-Ladrón-de-Guevara

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Mapping world scientific collaboration: Authors, institutions, and countries
Ali Gazni | Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Fereshteh Didegah

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A study of factors that affect the information-seeking behavior of academic scientists
Xi Niu | Bradley M. Hemminger

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Employing document dependency in blog search
Mostafa Keikha | Fabio Crestani | Mark James Carman

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Mining search intents for collaborative cyberporn filtering
Lung-Hao Lee | Hsin-Hsi Chen

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A comparative analysis of the information-seeking behavior of visually impaired and sighted searchers
Nuzhah Gooda Sahib | Anastasios Tombros | Tony Stockman

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Size and culture as determinants of the web policy of listed firms: The case of web accessibility in Western European countries
Pedro Lorca | Javier de Andrés | Ana B. Martínez

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The inconsistency of the h-index
Ludo Waltman | Nees Jan van Eck

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Basic properties of both percentile rank scores and the I3 indicator
Ronald Rousseau

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Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services [Series]
Ying Ding

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From Fear to Flow: Personality and information interaction
Andrea J. Copeland

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Information and living systems: Philosophical and scientific perspectives
Emily Miller

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Emanuel Goldberg and his knowledge machine
Thomas Haigh

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Leo Egghe | Raf Guns | Ronald Rousseau

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The thermodynamics-bibliometrics consilience and the meaning of h-type indices
Gangan Prathap