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2012 Volume 63 Issue 4

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Building environmentally sustainable information services: A green is research agenda
Gobinda Chowdhury

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Dispositional resistance to change and hospital physicians' use of electronic medical records: A multidimensional perspective
Oded Nov | William Schecter

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Search effort degrades search output but improves task outcome
Pertti Vakkari | Saila Huuskonen

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A model of student learning outcomes of information literacy instruction in a business school
Alexander Serenko | Brian Detlor | Heidi E. Julien | Lorne D. Booker

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The elusive tale: leveraging the study of information seeking and knowledge organization to improve access to and discovery of folktales
Kathryn La Barre | Carol L. Tilley

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A tale of two interfaces: How facets affect the library catalog search
Sarah Ramdeen | Bradley M. Hemminger

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Meanings of information: The assumptions and research consequences of three foundational LIS theories
Lai Ma

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Quantifying and measuring metadata completeness
Merkourios Margaritopoulos | Thomas Margaritopoulos | Ioannis Mavridis | Athanasios Manitsaris

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CharaParser for fine-grained semantic annotation of organism morphological descriptions
Hong Cui

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Using an elaboration likelihood approach to better understand the persuasiveness of website privacy assurance cues for online consumers
Paul Benjamin Lowry | Greg D. Moody | Anthony Vance | Matthew L. Jensen | Jeffrey L. Jenkins | Taylor Wells

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Novelty detection for topic tracking
Cem Aksoy | Fazli Can | Seyit Kocberber

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Strategic knowledge maps of the techno-scientific network (SK maps)
José Pino-Díaz | Evaristo Jiménez-Contreras | Rosario Ruiz-Baños | Rafael Bailón-Moreno

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Link and co-inlink network diagrams with URL citations or title mentions
Mike Thelwall | Pardeep Sud | David Wilkinson

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A two-dimensional approach to performance evaluation for a large number of research institutions
Chung-Huei Kuan | Mu-Hsuan Huang | Dar-Zen Chen

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The bibliometric bandwagon: Characteristics of bibliometric articles outside the field literature
Koen Jonkers | G. E. Derrick

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The large-scale structure of journal citation networks
Massimo Franceschet

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The Global Flow of Information - Legal, Social and Cultural Perspectives. RameshSubramanian and EddanKatz, New York, NY: NYU Press, 2011, 256 pp. $49.00. (ISBN: 978-0814748114)
Gabriel M. Peterson

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The use of H-index for the assessment of journals' performance will lead to shifts in editorial policies - a response
Paul Trevorrow