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2012 Volume 63 Issue 5

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Following the "community" thread from sociology to information behavior and informatics: Uncovering theoretical continuities and research opportunities
Tiffany C. Veinot | Kate Williams

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On using a quantum physics formalism for multidocument summarization
Benjamin Piwowarski | Massih-Reza Amini | Mounia Lalmas

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An evaluation of classification models for question topic categorization
Bo Qu | Gao Cong | Cuiping Li | Aixin Sun | Hong Chen

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Email pragmatics and automatic classification: A study in the organizational context
Inge Alberts | Dominic Forest

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Conceptual syntagmatic associations in user tagging
Kyunghye Yoon

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Opening the black box of "relevance work": A domain analysis
Betsy Van der Veer Martens | Connie Van Fleet

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Contextualizing organizational interventions of knowledge management systems: A design science perspective
Peter Baloh | Kevin C. Desouza | Ray Hackney

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Exploring the relationships between media and political parties through web hyperlink analysis: The case of Spain
Esteban Romero-Frías | Liwen Vaughan

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Shaping the landscape of research in information systems from the perspective of editorial boards: A scientometric study of 77 leading journals
Guillaume Cabanac

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A bibliometric chronicling of library and information science's first hundred years
Vincent Larivière | Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Blaise Cronin

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Scientific subject categories of Web of Knowledge ranked according to their multidimensional prestige of influential journals
Jose A. García | Rosa Rodríguez-Sánchez | J. Fdez-Valdivia

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Citation-based bootstrapping for large-scale author disambiguation
Michael Levin | Stefan Krawczyk | Steven Bethard | Dan Jurafsky

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The Hirsch index of a shifted Lotka function and its relation with the impact factor
Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau

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Editorial responsiveness, journal quality, and total review time: An empirical analysis
Zili Zhang | Ziqiong Zhang | Rob Law