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2012 Volume 63 Issue 7

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Do me a favor
Blaise Cronin

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Intended and unintended consequences of a publish-or-perish culture: A worldwide survey
Hendrik P. van Dalen | Kene Henkens

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Analyzing scientific networks for nuclear capabilities assessment
Miray Kas | Alla G. Khadka | William Frankenstein | Ahmed Y. Abdulla | Frank Kunkel | L. Richard Carley | Kathleen M. Carley

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Scholarly network similarities: How bibliographic coupling networks, citation networks, cocitation networks, topical networks, coauthorship networks, and coword networks relate to each other
Erjia Yan | Ying Ding

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Complex systems science: Dreams of universality, interdisciplinarity reality
Sebastian Grauwin | Guillaume Beslon | Eric Fleury | Sara Franceschelli | Céline Robardet | Jean-Baptiste Rouquier | Pablo Jensen

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Patient decision-making modes and causes: A preliminary investigation
Paul B. Kantor | Jonathan M. Bullinger | Cecilia S. Gal

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The strange case of eugenics: A subject's ontogeny in a long-lived classification scheme and the question of collocative integrity
Joseph T. Tennis

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The role of innovation and wealth in the net neutrality debate: A content analysis of human values in congressional and FCC hearings
An-Shou Cheng | Kenneth R. Fleischmann | Ping Wang | Emi Ishita | Douglas W. Oard

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Measuring the usage of e-research infrastructure as an indicator of research activity
Koen Jonkers | Félix de Moya Anegón | Isidro F. Aguillo

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LePrEF: Learn to precompute evidence fusion for efficient query evaluation
André Luiz da Costa Carvalho | Cristian Rossi | Edleno Silva de Moura | Altigran Soares da Silva | David Fernandes de Oliveira

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A machine-learning approach to negation and speculation detection in clinical texts
Noa P. Cruz Díaz | Manuel J. Maña López | Jacinto Mata Vázquez | Victoria Pachón Álvarez

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Changes in publication languages and citation practices and their effect on the scientific impact of Russian science (1993-2010)
Olessia Kirchik | Yves Gingras | Vincent Larivière

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A visual representation of relative first-citation times
Wolfgang Glänzel | Ronald Rousseau | Lin Zhang

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Classifying web search queries to identify high revenue generating customers
Adan Ortiz-Cordova | Bernard J. Jansen

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Mapping (USPTO) patent data using overlays to Google Maps
Loet Leydesdorff | Lutz Bornmann

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Citation measures at the micro level: Influence of publication age, field, and uncitedness
Lucy Amez

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Alternative thoughts on uncitedness
Quentin L. Burrell

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To what problem is distributed information retrieval the solution?
Paul Thomas

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Information Markets: A Strategic Guideline for the I-Commerce. Frank Linde and Wolfgang G. Stock, Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter Saur, 2011. pp 617 $90. (isbn: 978-3-11-203609-5)
Wilhelm Peekhaus

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The inconsistency of the H-index
Gangan Prathap

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In memoriam
Peter Vickers | Alan Gilchrist