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2012 Volume 15 Issue 5-6

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Guest Editorial: Web-based services and information systems
Lei Chen | Zhiguo Gong | Qing Li

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Top-k answers for XML keyword queries
Khanh Nguyen | Jinli Cao

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Automatic extraction of OWL ontologies from UML class diagrams: a semantics-preserving approach
Zhuoming Xu | Yuyan Ni | Wenjie He | Lili Lin | Qin Yan

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The study of trust vector based trust rating aggregation in service-oriented environments
Lei Li | Yan Wang

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Evolutionary taxonomy construction from dynamic tag space
Junjie Yao | Bin Cui | Gao Cong | Yuxin Huang

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Exploring latent browsing graph for question answering recommendation
Meng-Fen Chiang | Wen-Chih Peng | Philip S. Yu

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Path-oriented keyword search over graph-modeled Web data
Paolo Cappellari | Roberto De Virgilio | Mark Roantree

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A novel QoS model and computation framework in web service selection
Yanan Hao | Yanchun Zhang | Jinli Cao

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Building Web services middleware with predictable execution times
Vidura Gamini Abhaya | Zahir Tari | Peter Bertók