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Proceedings of the 13th Dutch-Belgian Workshop on Information Retrieval, Delft, The Netherlands, April 26th, 2013

Carsten Eickhoff, Arjen P. de Vries (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 13th Dutch-Belgian Workshop on Information Retrieval, Delft, The Netherlands, April 26th, 2013

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The Return of the Probability of Relevance
Norbert Fuhr

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An Adaptive Window-Size Approach for Expert-Finding
Fawaz Khaled Alarfaj | Udo Kruschwitz | Chris Fox

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Distributional Similarity of Words with Different Frequencies
Christian Wartena

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Exploring Real-Time Temporal Query Auto-Completion
Stewart Whiting | Andrew James McMinn | Joemon M. Jose

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Exploiting Semantic Relatedness Measures for Multi-label Classifier Evaluation
Christophe Deloo | Claudia Hauff

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Estimating the Time between Twitter Messages and Future Events
Ali Hürriyetoglu | Florian Kunneman | Antal van den Bosch

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On the Assessment of Expertise Profiles
Richard Berendsen | Krisztian Balog | Toine Bogers | Antal van den Bosch | Maarten de Rijke

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Towards Optimum Query Segmentation: In Doubt Without
Matthias Hagen | Martin Potthast | Anna Beyer | Benno Stein

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Reusing Historical Interaction Data for Faster Online Learning to Rank for IR
Katja Hofmann | Anne Schuth | Shimon Whiteson | Maarten de Rijke

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Reliability and Validity of Query Intent Assessments
Suzan Verberne | Maarten van der Heijden | Max Hinne | Maya Sappelli | Saskia Koldijk | Eduard Hoenkamp | Wessel Kraaij

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What Snippets Say About Pages
Thomas Demeester | Dong Nguyen | Dolf Trieschnigg | Chris Develder | Djoerd Hiemstra

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Cognitive Temporal Document Priors
Maria-Hendrike Peetz | Maarten de Rijke

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Social Book Search: The Impact of Professional and User-Generated Content on Book Suggestions
Marijn Koolen | Jaap Kamps | Gabriella Kazai

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Exploiting Social Networks in Recommendation: a Multi-Domain Comparison
Alejandro Bellogín | Iván Cantador | Pablo Castells | Fernando Díez

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Size Estimation of Non-Cooperative Data Collections
Mohammadreza Khelghati | Djoerd Hiemstra | Maurice van Keulen

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Using Intent Information to Model User Behavior in Diversified Search
Aleksandr Chuklin | Pavel Serdyukov | Maarten de Rijke

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Using Wikipedia's Category Structure for Entity Search
Rianne Kaptein | Jaap Kamps

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Feeding the Second Screen: Semantic Linking based on Subtitles
Daan Odijk | Edgar Meij | Maarten de Rijke

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Summarization and Expansion of Search Facets
Aparna Venkat | Marie-Francine Moens

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The Digital Archiving of Historical Political Cartoons: An Introduction
Junte Zhang | Kees Ribbens | Rob Zeeman

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PoliticalMashup Ngramviewer
Bart de Goede | Justin van Wees | Maarten Marx

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Traitor: Associating Concepts using the World Wide Web
Wanno Drijfhout | Oliver Jundt | Lesley Wevers | Djoerd Hiemstra

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xTAS and ThemeStreams: Extendable Text Analysis Service and its Usage in a Topic Monitoring Tool
Ork de Rooij | Tom Kenter | Maarten de Rijke

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A semantic wiki for novelty search on documents
Michael Färber | Achim Rettinger

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Site Search Using Profile-Based Document Summarisation
Azhar Alhindi | Udo Kruschwitz | Chris Fox

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AVResearcher: Exploring Audiovisual Metadata
Bouke Huurnink | Amit Bronner | Marc Bron | Jasmijn van Gorp | Bart de Goede | Justin van Wees

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Readability of the Web: A study on 1 billion web pages
Marije de Heus | Djoerd Hiemstra

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Relating Political Party Mentions on Twitter with Polls and Election Results
Eric Sanders | Antal van den Bosch

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When is the Structural Context Effective?
Muhammad Ali Norozi | Paavo Arvola

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Towards a grammar formalism for retrieving information on the Semantic Web
Eunhye Shin | Sujin Yoo | Seongbin Park