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2013 Volume 3 Issue 1

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Debunking Intermediary Censorship Framework in Social Media via a Content Retrieval and Classification Software
Baramee Navanopparatskul | Sukree Sinthupinyo | Pirongrong Ramasoota

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Semantic Approach to Web-Based Discovery of Unknowns to Enhance Intelligence Gathering
Natalia Danilova | David Stupples

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The Impact of the Mode of Data Representation for the Result Quality of the Detection and Filtering of Spam
Reda Mohamed Hamou | Abdelmalek Amine

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Knowledge Discovery in Higher Educational Big Dataset
Robab Saadatdoost | Alex Tze Hiang Sim | Jee Mei Hee | Hosein Jafarkarimi

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Re-Ordered FEGC and Block Based FEGC for Inverted File Compression
V. Glory | S. Domnic