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2013 Volume 49 Issue 2

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College students' credibility judgments and heuristics concerning Wikipedia
Sook Lim

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Multifaceted conceptual image indexing on the world wide web
Fariza Fauzi | Mohammed Belkhatir

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High performance query expansion using adaptive co-training
Jimmy Xiangji Huang | Jun Miao | Ben He

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Ambiguous author query detection using crowdsourced digital library annotations
Xiaoling Sun | Jasleen Kaur | Lino Possamai | Filippo Menczer

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XML data exchange with target constraints
Zijing Tan | Liyong Zhang | Wei Wang | Baile Shi

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Two scalable algorithms for associative text classification
Yongwook Yoon | Gary Geunbae Lee

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Unknown Chinese word extraction based on variety of overlapping strings
Yunming Ye | Qingyao Wu | Yan Li | Kam-Pui Chow | Lucas Chi Kwong Hui | Siu-Ming Yiu

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Incorporating compactness to generate term-association view snippets for ontology search
Weiyi Ge | Gong Cheng | Huiying Li | Yuzhong Qu

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Mining movies for song sequences with video based music genre identification system
Sher Muhammad Doudpota | Sumanta Guha | Junaid Baber

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Facet analysis: The logical approach to knowledge organization
Birger Hjørland

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Probabilistic co-relevance for query-sensitive similarity measurement in information retrieval
Seung-Hoon Na

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A generalized cluster centroid based classifier for text categorization
Guansong Pang | Shengyi Jiang