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2013 Volume 49 Issue 3

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Evaluating a department's research: Testing the Leiden methodology in business and management
John Mingers | Evangelia A. E. C. G. Lipitakis

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Clustering tagged documents with labeled and unlabeled documents
Chien-Liang Liu | Wen-Hoar Hsaio | Chia-Hoang Lee | Chun-Hsien Chen

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A hybrid system of pedagogical pattern recommendations based on singular value decomposition and variable data attributes
Carlos Alberto Cobos Lozada | Orlando Rodriguez | Jarvein Rivera | John Betancourt | Martha Mendoza | Elizabeth León-Guzmán | Enrique Herrera-Viedma

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Probabilistic Chinese word segmentation with non-local information and stochastic training
Xu Sun | Yao-zhong Zhang | Takuya Matsuzaki | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Jun'ichi Tsujii

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Personalization and Recommendation in Information Access
Juan M. Fernández-Luna | Juan F. Huete | Pablo Castells

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Personal ontologies: Generation of user profiles based on the YAGO ontology
Silvia Calegari | Gabriella Pasi

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Using profile expansion techniques to alleviate the new user problem
Vreixo Formoso | Diego Fernández | Fidel Cacheda | Victor Carneiro

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A group recommender for movies based on content similarity and popularity
Maria Soledad Pera | Yiu-Kai Ng

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Cluster searching strategies for collaborative recommendation systems
Ismail Sengör Altingövde | Özlem Nurcan Subakan | Özgür Ulusoy

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Dimensions as Virtual Items: Improving the predictive ability of top-N recommender systems
Marcos Aurélio Domingues | Alípio Mário Jorge | Carlos Soares

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SocConnect: A personalized social network aggregator and recommender
Jie Zhang | Yuan Wang | Julita Vassileva