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2013 Volume 49 Issue 5

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The influence of Taylor's paper, Question-Negotiation and Information-Seeking in Libraries
Yu-Wei Chang

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An exploration of ranking models and feedback method for related entity finding
Xitong Liu | Wei Zheng | Hui Fang

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University libraries as a model for the determination of the need for information specialists in knowledge industries? An exploratory analysis of the information sector in Austria
Robert M. Hayes | Karin Karlics | Christian Schloegl

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A user term visualization analysis based on a social question and answer log
Jin Zhang | Yiming Zhao

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The growth momentum of China in producing international scientific publications seems to have slowed down
Ping Zhou

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Introduction to special issue on human-computer information retrieval
Ryen W. White | Robert G. Capra | Gene Golovchinsky | Bill Kules | Catherine L. Smith | Daniel Tunkelang

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Examining users' knowledge change in the task completion process
Jingjing Liu | Nicholas J. Belkin | Xiangmin Zhang | Xiaojun Yuan

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Inferring user knowledge level from eye movement patterns
Michael J. Cole | Jacek Gwizdka | Chang Liu | Nicholas J. Belkin | Xiangmin Zhang

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Examining the generalizability of the User Engagement Scale (UES) in exploratory search
Heather L. O'Brien | Elaine G. Toms

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A cross-domain analysis of task and genre effects on perceptions of usefulness
Luanne Freund

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CIDER: Concept-based image diversification, exploration, and retrieval
Enamul Hoque | Orland Hoeber | Minglun Gong

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Adaptive visualization for exploratory information retrieval
Jae-wook Ahn | Peter Brusilovsky

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Let's search together, but not too close! An analysis of communication and performance in collaborative information seeking
Roberto I. González-Ibáñez | Müge Haseki | Chirag Shah