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2013 Volume 49 Issue 6

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A link-bridged topic model for cross-domain document classification
Pei Yang | Wei Gao | Qi Tan | Kam-Fai Wong

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Dealing with metadata quality: The legacy of digital library efforts
Alice Tani | Leonardo Candela | Donatella Castelli

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NESTOR: A formal model for digital archives
Nicola Ferro | Gianmaria Silvello

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The appraisal and management of uncertainty: Implications for information-retrieval systems
Dale E. Brashers | Timothy P. Hogan

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Nepotistic relationships in Twitter and their impact on rank prestige algorithms
Daniel Gayo-Avello

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Investigating the document structure as a source of evidence for multimedia fragment retrieval
Mouna Torjmen Khemakhem | Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat | Mohand Boughanem

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Improved sentence retrieval using local context and sentence length
Alen Doko | Maja Stula | Ljiljana Seric

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Citation analysis: A social and dynamic approach to knowledge organization
Birger Hjørland

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A heuristic hierarchical scheme for academic search and retrieval
Emmanouil Amolochitis | Ioannis T. Christou | Zheng-Hua Tan | Ramjee Prasad